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Just opened up my new glad cling wrap using for the first time. It's too thin and when put onto the top of the pan I wanted to put in the fridge, it poke holes already. I had to clip some and paste it onto the the holes. I don't like it and will never purchase this again. I'm looking for a competitors brand soon and giving my other stuff to a thrift store. Big problem here. You don't deserve any pictures. I've used this product for years,... Read more

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Glad - Seams Break - Bags are absolutely useless
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I paid $16 for a box of useless garbage bags. The seam has managed to split on nearly every single bag. Basically, I have 120 useless bags that I have to put into another bag to carry out of the house. I'm very upset, and I definitely won't purchase Glad bag brand again. There's absolutely nothing more frustrating that cleaning up garbage only to put it in another bag and have it split again and have to clean it up a second or even a third time.... Read more

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  • Jun 19
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Glad Shopping complaint 141470
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I use glad 13 gal kitchen bags all the time but got a box of them that was totally useless ...I guess the guy in charge of quality assurance was off or on drugs. Every bag the seams were not sealed, the ties were off centered.

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Had similar problems as those mentioned above. Emailed Glad about the trash bags, splitting down the side as I was placing them in the trash bin. Glad sent a coupon. Recently opened a box of Glad plastic wrap (what a joke) totally unable to unroll and cut without using cuss words! Emailed Glad again, explained the situation, and said "please don't send me another coupon, unless or until you start putting quality back in your products." I too... Read more

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I have used this product for years. In the last year the wrap does not roll out correctly. My our waste so much product to get a piece. I expect this with the bargain brand. Have you changed the way you are producing this product.. If so I will not be buying it anymore. It expect better from your company. I am wasting time, and money. Glad you can do better. I expect better, and this is unexceptable. I hope that you will respond, and let... Read more

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  • Oct 21, 2015
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bought a box of glad trash bags and the bags rip very easy. I am not very happy and hope you do something about this or otherwise I will be buying a different brand.

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