I bought tall kitchen bags with frebreze scent ( a box of 200) and they were glued together as to make the bag smaller In length and didn't fit the basket. I bought them at Sams as I have always in the past.

Some of the second roll had small holes in throughout them. Never had this problem before. I tried using a few then a few in the middle of the roll. I also tried the second roll and nothing fit.

I couldn't bring them back because I had ripped up and thrown away the box they came in. I would like to buy them again but don't want to waste my money if they are the same.

Review about: Glad Febreze Scented Tall Kitchen Trash Bag.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I bought 80 pack of tall trash bags and everyone of the bags the draw strings comes loose at the top of the bag.


I am never going to buy these Glad garbage bags again!!!

Over 20 of them are ripped so far and I don't have much faith

in the fact that the rest are ok

Hefty ultra strong are a million times better

to Anonymous #1455089

I'm having the same problem!! And it's been almost a year since your complaint. I contacted them and they are sending a coupon.....how about quit screwing everyone and stop being so greedy!!!!

to Mark DiGloria #1572349

Did you call or did you email? I tried emailing them and like nothing came up on the page?!? Do I have to call now haha

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