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Had similar problems as those mentioned above. Emailed Glad about the trash bags, splitting down the side as I was placing them in the trash bin.

Glad sent a coupon.

Recently opened a box of Glad plastic wrap (what a joke) totally unable to unroll and cut without using cuss words!

Emailed Glad again, explained the situation, and said "please don't send me another coupon, unless or until you start putting quality back in your products." I too spent the extra money for brand name products over store brands. Now there seems to be no difference, so the extra money can go towards other better quality products.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have had similar issues with the Glad tall kitchen trash bags. I have tried to go to the Glad site but I am unable to send an email.

I click the link it sends me to a blank page.

Attempted multiple times and nothing. Anyone have a direct email address?

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